New Year's humanitarian campaign "We are all Santa Claus"

Creative Pen, in cooperation with the Association of Parents, this year, as well as the previous ones, is launching a great New Year's humanitarian campaign All We Are Santa Claus.

Our intention is to emerge this year's campaign out of Creative Pen's framework, because we can always do more together!

Therefore, we invite you, institutions, organizations, educational institutions, in the municipality of Savski venac to join us and help us to show humanity in the act. Our supporters are the Karic foundation, humanitarian organisation Find Raul and BKTVNews.

We invite you, together with your children, to have a wide heart and bring in the rooms of our schools and our kindergarten:

  • Sweets and salads, long-term food (rice, pasta, ready-to-eat food in cans or bags ...)
  • Books and toys (new or used)
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Clothing, gloves, scarves, caps, banners, bracelets ...
  • School supplies

Search your wardrobes, toys and bookshelves and find the holiday spirit of giving!

Representatives of the Association of Parents and Creative Pen will, in the last week of December, packets prepared with love, bring to Kulina, the Home for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities and the Home for elderlies in Surdulica.

Another way to participate in this humanitarian campaign is to send the package-donations directly to the collection center, to the address of Find the Raul in Niš, the street Mirisnih vrba No. 8 (note: the shipping costs must be borne by the sender)