The implementation of the Cambridge Programme within the Kreativno Pero Secondary School began in school year 2014/2015. Since then, the curricula of English, second foreign language, Mathematics and Computer Science are realised in the same way as in 9000 other schools worldwide that make up the network of Cambridge system of International Examinations.

Regular classes are held in order to meet the curriculum criteria prescribed by the Serbian Ministry of Education, while the Cambridge curriculum is implemented through activities within the bilingual teaching project, thematic interconnection of similar subjects and the use of materials and other resources made available by the Cambridge curriculum. Furthermore, students attend extracurricular classes during the week to reinforce their English, second foreign language and Computer Science programmes, while the Mathematics curriculum is realised through an integrated national/Cambridge programme unique to the Kreativno Pero Secondary School. All teachers involved in the Cambridge programme are certified to teach according to its principles. This ensures that all content and standards envisioned by the Cambridge programme are met.

The most significant advantages of the Cambridge system compared to the Serbian one are:

  • Giving special attention to objectives in all phases of the teaching process;

  • Including students into the formulation of objectives and success criteria;

  • Highly developed system of monitoring and evaluating teaching results;

  • Exceptionally developed and implemented idea of individualisation of teaching based on previous student evaluations

The school has all the resources needed for the successful execution of this program. All teachers are well-acquainted with the system, having completed online courses Introduction to Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Secondary 1 and passing the appropriate tests.