For the last couple of years, during the holidays, the Summer School has been organized. There are various topics we cover: STEAM activities, the Olympics, Film, Multicultural Carousel, animals and plants and Preservation of the environment.

Why us?

Children from our kindergarten apart from the Bilingual approach, English language, and additional programs in English, also attend other various activities on daily basis. Daily activities are dance, music, the exercise of corrective gymnastics, sports in the sports centre, tennis, swimming (during the summer time), acting, and cookery lessons.

Our picturesque yard filled with greenery is suitable for all sorts of activities, planting, and other sports games on the field. The daily schedule is designed so that children can participate in various educational and sports activities, and still indulge with family and surroundings after being picked up by their parents.

This year’s Summer school will start on the 27 of June 2022 and will end on the 19 of August 2022 under the slogan Even the great artists were children once.

By completing interdisciplinary, multimedia and practical activities the students will acquire knowledge about the most famous artists of all time.

The activities will be divided into three segments: research of the topic with the use of technology and the latest methods, work with natural materials and connecting existing and new knowledge to create functional knowledge.

During the afternoon hours, children will have additional programs that logically follow the directed activities. This year’s programs are: The first impression, Reproductive production, Magic Brush, Creative kids art club, Exhibition mission.

Realization of this extra program includes:
  • The first impression - This program will be dedicated to personal experience and children’s expressing through art based on the first impression of the artist on the first day of the week;
  • Reproductive production - In this program children will do a reproduction of some artwork of a designated artist of their choice;
  • Magic Brush - These activities will be dedicated to free expressions of the children’s envisioning of the artist and his work based on what they have learned;
  • Creative kids’ art club - In this program children will have the possibility to individually explore and combine materials for painting and sculpting and to create unique works of art;
  • Exhibition mission - Exposes of the children’s work will be organized every Friday for the past week.
Through interdisciplinary, multimedia, and practical activities children will learn about the famous artists of all times.
The activities will be divided into three segments: research the topics by using technologies and modern methods of work, working with natural materials, and correlating existing and new knowledge, and creating functional knowledge.

During the realization of these programs, children will develop divergent and critical thinking. The students will be encouraged to be independent, self-confident and creative. In addition to that the students will be encouraged to be free to express themselves and to develop the speech culture.

English classes will be thematically related to all activities. The English classes will be held every day. The students will also enjoy summer sports and swimming in the swimming pool.

The summer school is designed for children who want to enjoy research, develop their competencies in English or learn Serbian as a second language, enjoy summer sports and constructively use the warm summer days in the city playing and developing their art skills, with support and guidance of educators and recreationists.

Children would present and comment on their work in front of the group, in that way they will develop critical thinking. They will be encouraged to develop self-esteem.

During the frames of Summer school, the sports activities will be organized as well as the English language classes.

The stay will be organized in the following terms: from 27. June to 19. August 2022. 
  • from 9.00 to 15.00 hours - price: 2500 RSD;
  • from 9.00 to 17.00 hours - price: 3000 RSD (the whole day stay);

Daily schedule 2022.

27. 06 - 19. 08. 2022. 

Hour  Activities 
8.00-8.30 Morning arrival
8.30-9.00 Breakfast
9.00-9.10 Getting ready for the lesson 
9.10-9.55 Еngllish Language 
9.55-10.15 Getting ready for sport activities 
10.15-11-15 Sport Activities 
11.15-11.45 Free time and getting ready for snack break
11.45-12.00 Snack 
12.00-12.15 Getting ready for guided activities
12.15-13.00 Guided activities 
13.00-14.00 Yard/Outside
14.00-14.10 Getting ready for Lunch 
14.15-14.45 Lunch
14.45-15.00 Getting ready for the programe 
15.00-15.45 Additional programes - ​The first impression/Reproductive production/Magic Brush/Creative kids art club​/Exhibition mission
15.45-16.00 Fruty snack 
16.00-17.00  Yard/Outside

Additional programs

Monday The first impression
Tuesday  Reproductive production
Wednesday  Magic Brush
Thursday Creative kids art club
Friday  Exhibition mission

By following the given LINK you can access the sign-up form for the Summer School 2022.

For more information about the Summer School call the following numbers: +381(0)11 3672 734 or +381(0)62 207-770.