Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications Centre is recognised by University College London’s Institute for Education, the most successful university in the world. This institute ensures the quality of programme at Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications Centres. These programmes are comparable to the framework for the highest level of education and match the European Qualification Framework for the area of higher education, known as the Bologna framework. This practically means that they carry a certain number of credits and enable professional development in accordance with the Cambridge methodology for educators worldwide.

Kreativno Pero, as a Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications Centre, offers training in the areas of Teaching and Learning, Educational Leadership, Teaching Bilingual Learners and Teaching with Digital Technologies. During the first semester of school year 2016/2017, a team of teachers and collaborators attended the preparatory programme for conducting this prestigious training. In collaboration with Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications Centre mentors, the representatives of our institution explored various themes, took part in discussions and forums, and developed reflexive practice and programmes of professional development in the aforementioned four areas.

In this way, our institution became an official Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications Centre, authorized to educate teachers in accordance with Cambridge standards, and issue Cambridge certificates. In the upcoming period, Kreativno Pero will conduct training for educators from the region. In the initial phase of the project realization, starting in 2017, only our teachers and collaborators will undergo training. In the next phase, the programme will be offered to schools from the entire region, and Kreativno Pero will organise free training for the first group of registered and selected educators.

The Cambridge certificate and diploma in the area of Teaching and Learning will provide teachers the support to promote principles of active learning, explore practical methods, develop new ideas and showcase their own professional development, based on the principles of critical thinking. The Cambridge programme Educational Leadership is intended for leaders of educational institutions. Attending this type of professional development will help school principals in our region to support the culture of a learning community, develop leadership skills and achieve success as leaders. Obtaining a certificate in the area of Teaching Bilingual Learners is as an exceptional opportunity for educators to strengthen their capacities for supporting bilingual students and to actively support school development based on the principles of intercultural and bilingual education. Educators who obtain the Cambridge certificate and diploma in the area of Teaching with Digital Technologies will develop considerable digital competencies, focused on understanding the use of information and communication technologies in the areas of teaching and learning.