Secondary school students have the opportunity to learn and develop through extracurricular activities such as creative and free activities, small science projects, art and literary competitions, quizzes and sports competitions, school celebrations, school band, visits, outings, school trips, school and community helpers. The application of mentor work, professional guidance and career counseling provide a special contribution to the students’ development. As usual, students will continue to apply ICT through the use of laptops, which are provided to all students, giving them numerous advantages for mutual cooperation and communication.

From the school year 2016/2017, our school has a Programming club, which aims to encourage logical-mathematical thinking in problem-solving. Programming club is open to all students of our secondary school, who learn how to model a problem, present the solution through an algorithm, write programme code, learn the structures of Android and iOS operating systems, learn about informational systems, Internet of Things, etc. with the help of their teachers and professional programmers. This is a club for all students who want to know more about the world of programming, problem-solving and code.