It all started ten years ago in a family conversation, on a terrace of a family home. Our idea was to found a school in Belgrade, a school that would be different, that would recognize individuality and nurture identity of each child. We wanted to make a school which teaches children how to learn, explore and rejoice discoveries - a school which gives permanent, applicable knowledge. We have always been guided by our love towards children, built deeply in our vision. This vision made opening Kreativno Pero possible. We knew it would take time to develop a kindergarten and a school. Also, we knew that all the puzzle pieces  would slowly fit into a strong and organized system. Ten years later, Kreativno Pero has become just that. The vision became a reality.


Now we ask the question: what do we want in the future?

We want to inspire each child and  each student, with respect and dedication,and encourage them to get to know about themselves well, to initiate the process of lifelong learning, to take responsibility for their own development and to gain consciousness about the need of cooperation.
We want to create conditions in Kreativno Pero for lifelong learning and acquiring knowledge, which should be  seen as both challenge and pleasure, since that is how we send across the message we deeply believe in - that education is the most important.
In January 2017 we became Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications center and were awarded accreditation for conducting training, which positions our institution as a leader in the education of children and youth between the ages of 3 and 18.
Our plans for the following period will focus on providing a single all-encompassing  work space, which will enable development of an educational system with 500 students, and at least one of our students will receive a scholarship to study at a prestigious university, chosen on the basis of its ranking on the lists of the world’s best universities.

In our vision, the future becomes the present, because we are building our system with the sense of pride and love.