It all started ten years ago in a family conversation, on the terrace of our family home. Guided by our love of children and newfound ideas about education, we wanted to establish a school in Belgrade, a school that would be different, that would recognize, and nurture the unique identity of each child and open their eyes to who they could become in the world.

Having had the privilege of being educated in top national and international institutions, we wanted to bring together the best of both worlds and create a school which teaches children how to learn progressively, and motivates their curiosity to explore and rejoice discoveries about their country and a world they would inherit one day- a school which gives opportunities to not only master knowledge, but to apply it.

Staying true to our vision and goals, today we are proud to have opened our doors to hundreds of children in kindergarden, primary and secondary school. In just 10 short years, with strategic planning and intentional vision, Kreativno Pero offers accredited national and international diplomas, and is a Cambridge International Teaching Center-developing the best professionals to educate our children. Our students have been recognized in national and international competitions and have received scholarships to attend some of the finest universities, locally and abroad. As we continue to grow, our goal for the next ten years is to develop the next generation of scientists, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs and civic leaders that will be at the forefront of change in our country and the world. Our vision has become a reality.