The nurturing philosophy of  Kreativno Pero puts in the spotlight the creation of mutual space between a student and teacher which serves to  enhance the quality of the relationship necessary for optimal learning—a fundamental keystone of our educational programme. The focus on holistic education - students’ intellectual, academic, social, moral and creative development—aims to develop the whole child and cultivate their unique potential. Here at Kreativno Pero we pay special attention to create the safe space needed for children to direct their own discovery and learning. Students and teachers are encouraged to explore, learn, create, while mastering key competences under the provision of unconditional support.

Our mission is to inspire each child to engage in a lifelong process of learning and self awareness with mutual respect, dedication and encouragement from experienced educators passionate about their role as mentors of learning and youth development. We aspire for children to develop a sense of responsibility and a spirit of cooperation to enhance positive relationships in their personal, academic and professional lives.

Our vision is to ignite a passion for lifelong learning and academic excellence in an active learning environment where acquiring knowledge is a welcomed challenge and pleasure that can be critically examined and applied to prepare youth to lead their lives as responsible global citizens.

Through collaborative teaching methods, The Kreativno Pero school programmes engage children and adults in dialogue, explore different cultures, ideas and beliefs, and view diversity as the wealth of our planet that can create a humanistic and sustainable world. 

What is the profile of the Kreativno Pero Student?

Our children are thriving and happy individuals in a creative learning environment that respects and promotes their individuality, culture, freedom of choice and expression, motivates their passion “to know” through innovation in teaching and learning, supports and cultivates their individual talents and abilities, nurtures positive relationships, and empowers them with the 21st century skills necessary to be competitive, successful, principled and contributing members of the local and global communities that they will one day lead with integrity and ethos.

What is the Role of the Parent?

Parents are an integral part of the Kreativno Pero school community. They are the link that reinforces the relationship between the child and school. Aligning the mutual goal of strengthening the academic, social and emotional development of the child, at home and at school, requires strong communication and collaboration. We value your opinions and observations as you provide an alternate  perspective. We encourage critical feedback. as we aspire to adapt and shape the conditions necessary for the success of each child. At the same time, we are here to support your role as parent with guidance from child experts who can strengthen the student-school-parent alliance for optimal results. We encourage your participation in our Parents’ Association and value the ways in which the diversity of your knowledge, experience, culture, ideas and aspirations can enrich our school community.