Since our very foundation, we have encouraged the exploration of various parts of our country, cultural and historical monuments and different  fields of science and art, through extra-curricular activities. Our children have had the opportunity to explore various parts of the country, visit Fruska gora and Palic, Petnica Science Centre, Zasavica special nature reserve, Viminacium and Carska bara reserve, as well as museums, fairs, libraries, Children’s Cultural Centre, festivals and many other manifestations. During these visits, we explored the cultural heritage of our country and familiarised students with scientific technologies and artistic creativity.

With the Summer Camp project we aim to encourage the intellectual and emotional potential of children and orientate them towards art and creativity.

The program was developed with the aim of letting children gain experience in a group context through: Intensive English Language Program, Sculpting Workshops in Nature Program, Sports Programme (swimming and tennis), Cultural and Entertainment Programme, Excursions.

The focus will be on learning English in a real context, which is why we have created a programme which will give children what they need to practically apply everything they have mastered up to that point. Our goal is to build their confidence and ability to use English through interesting, real-life situations directed at developing initiative, entrepreneurship, creativity and marketing abilities.

The Summer Camp Sports Programme will be realized through: Swimming school, Tennis school and Group Sports. The evening hours are reserved for songs, dancing and fun. A different type of animation will be organised for the children each night: music games (Limbo dance, Music chairs, Balloons, Freeze); Costume party; Orasovizija; Disco night; Storytelling by campfire; Knowledge quiz; Pyjama party and Diploma ceremony.