What does it mean?

Educational projects in which children from kindergartens participated:

Kreativno pero pre-school was founded in 2008. In accordance with the children's needs and interests, together with children, we prepare programs and activities in a stimulating environment.

The work in  our institution is organized according to the Cambridge Early Years programme, as well as the official Pre-School programme offered by the Ministry of Education.

Оur work is based on developing lifelong learning skills such as self-confidence, openness, curiosity, perseverance, resilience and creativity.

The programmes contribute to realizing the children’s right to grow and develop in a quality educational environment that respects peculiarities, respects  needs and encourages  psychophysical development.

Pre-school Kreativno Pero functions and is based on thematic planning and bilingual approach as well as additional programs and workshops and it relies on the Finnish educational model. 
The Finnish educational model is considered because it encourages the values of choice, independence, research activities, and the use of art as a form of self-expression and self-awareness.

Pre-school Kreativno pero participates in various international projects that encourage creativity, learning through research and play (eTwinning, Hour of Code, Outdoor Classroom Day and many others).

Colleagues, who are professionals and experts, assist educators in carrying out the implementation of the programme, while outside associates. from a variety of disciplines (music, sports, art, foreign languages...) assist in carrying out additional programs, sports activities, and workshops.

In the 2023/24 school year Kreativno pero pre-school has become a certified Cambridge Early Years center. 
With this innovation, the Educational System Kreativno Pero formally transformed into an institution that enables its students to pursue their education in accordance with both the Cambridge programme and the Ministry of Education's pre-school programme and It refers to children who start education  at the age of three and finish school at the age of 19.