The extracurricular activities are carried out from 16:15 to 17:00.

Parents/guardians may choose one of the clubs on offer in agreement with the child. Club enrolment is confirmed by parents/guardians by filling out the appropriate form provided by the School Secretary.

In cases where parents/guardians or the child decide to change clubs, it’s necessary to consult the Educator first and subsequently get approval from the Principal, on condition that there are vacancies within the desired club.

Children and parents/guardians have the following clubs at disposal:

  1. Creative Theatre

  2. Art History

  3. Arts and Crafts

  4. Around the world with math

  5. Public speakers

  6. School for beginners

  7. Little Tailor

  8. Storytelling

  9. Chess

  10. Travel through Germany

  11. Sports club

  12. Karaoke

  13. Dance

  14. Scientists

  15. Programmers

  16. Sculpture

  17. Board games

  18. Japanimation

  19. Gardening 

Parents/guardians are offered printed copies of club programmes and objectives from the Educator at the first Parents’ Meeting, at the beginning of each school year