We know that crises and difficulties are inevitable while growing up, which is why we at Kreativno Pero have developed a system of individual and group psychological work with students. Our team of psychologists and pedagogues occupy different roles, but share the same goal: preemptive work with children.
Educational work takes place through the head-teacher's lessons and numerous optional activities, such as: various creative and independent student work, career guidance and counseling programme, problem-solving and communication sessions, teamwork, self-initiative and entrepreneurship, the Student Parliament, health initiatives, school sports, public and cultural work, workshops, outings, school trips and excursions, as well as protection programmes addressing violence, abuse and neglect.
We have additionally outlined our pedagogical principles in the Student Behaviour Rule Book, written in-house and focusing on strengthening positive values and conduct. We vote for restitution, i.e. the acceptance that everyone has the right to make mistakes, but also the obligation to repair the damage, whatever it could be.