Realization of preparatory preschool programme coincides with Stage I of Cambridge programme, so the children attending preparatory preschool programme are at the same time Cambridge first graders.

Preparatory preschool programme in ES Kreativno pero is specific and differentiates from most such programmes. The specificity  is the synthesis of two unique programmes. Preparatory preschool programme is a product of detailed analysis and research, with the aim of integrating: National programme  - Model A of preparatory preschool programme and International Cambridge Programme.

In the so called  zero grade (Stage I) two programmes are realized. Cambridge group of subjects consists of English Language, Mathematics and Science. National programme group of subjects consists of Serbian Language, World Around Us, From Toy to Computer, Art, Music and Physical Education.

What will my child experience during the preparatory preschool programme

IT for preschoolers

In the preparatory preschool programme, children are introduced to the basics of programming through algorithm stories, applications and the use of QR codes in everyday activities.

Acquisition of the basic principles of programming and support in the development of algorithmic thinking are encouraged, while recognising the need for games and movement.

English language

Children will enter the stage of early literacy through phonetic approach, and develop basic competencies in communicating in English. In addition to developing cultural sensitivity, listening, comprehension and speaking in English will all be developed.

Serbian language

While mastering the basic competencies of reading and writing, children will develop the capability to formulate arguments and develop critical thinking.

Nurturing love towards literature will be encouraged through analysis of literary works and assuming perspectives of story protagonists, as well as discussions and forums.


Children will develop readiness to use numerical calculations and graphical representation in solving everyday problems. In addition to acquiring knowledge on functions and value of money, size comparison, and basic notions of mass and volume, children will also be introduced to geometric shapes, addition and subtraction to 30.

The World Around Us and Science

The World Around Us is conducted bilingually, whereas Science is conducted exclusively in English. Curiosity and critical understanding of science and technology, including safety, protection and ethical issues, are stimulated through the exploration of various topics: Me and My Body, My Senses, Living and Non-Living Nature, Natural Phenomena. Children are encouraged to master the ability and readiness to use a multitude of scientific knowledge and methodology to explain the workings of the natural world.