Kreativno pero Primary School follows the teaching plan and programme of The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the Fundamentals of Educational and Pedagogical Systems Act. One of the particularities in our work since the very foundation of the school has been teaching subjects in the area of arts, foreign languages and sports starting from the first grade. Besides compulsory and elective subjects, the school offers optional courses of a second foreign language (French or German) from the first grade of primary school.

Our school maintains a bilingual programme and lessons are held in both English and Serbian. In addition to developing their language competencies, this approach allows our students to learn terminology specific to a given subject. The development of bilingual teaching model allows them to see themselves as a part of both local and global communities. Three key subjects (English as a second language, Mathematics and Science) are reinforced according to the Cambridge programme as extracurricular courses. Our focus on supporting the development of bilinguality can be seen in the comparison of teaching programmes and creation of a comprehensive curriculum which comprises both programmes. Thus, the students of our primary school are awarded several certificates at the end of their education: certificate of the completed primary education and the certificates of completion for Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Secondary 1 levels.

We take special pride in the application of various innovative methods for encouraging the spirit of community and learning by research through the use of ICT in teaching.

One of the important values of Kreativno pero is the range of independent creative activities, so that our students take part in painting and applied art, singing and choir, as well as in clubs such as Drama, Literature, Media, Book Club, Ecologicy, Chess, Sports, Maths and Cooking. Also on offer are dance programmes, entrepreneurship for beginners, fashion design, gardening, Japanimation, creative writing, reciting etc. Students choose these clubs based on their interests, affinities, special abilities and talents, and the teacher's role is to provide mentorship to each student.

Our school has the honour to collaborate with Vojislav Andric, Ph.D., an expert in the area of supporting the development of logical-mathematical thinking in gifted students. Vojislav Andric, Ph.D., author of numerous textbooks and scientific works, contributes considerably to the quality of mathematics teaching, enabling us to support gifted students. An expert of this calibre in the area of mathematics is certainly an immeasurable help to our teaching staff.