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Our Modern Bilingual Kindergarten Concept

The foundations of our kindergarten programme are thematic approach and bilingualism. Topics are selected according to the parents’ and children’s interests. The chosen programme comprises a curriculum based on interest centres, i.e. the implementation of Model A of the Basic Standards of Pre-School Programme, as proposed by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. There are different, age-homogeneous groups in our institution. Another specificity of our institution is that children attending the preparatory preschool programme are at the same time Stage I pupils of the Cambridge programme.

Enrollment into Kindergarten

Enrollment into the kindergarten is done in accordance with the Law on Preschool Education ...


To learn more about our Kindergarten, we invite you to visit us, attend classes and extracurricular activities.


Planing of events

Catholic Easter
Orthodox Easter
STEM Discovery Week
Pet day


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ES Kreativno pero and the Protection of the Environment

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British Council Addvantage Programme –Tier 2

British Council Addvantage Programme –Tier 2

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Parents' Profession Day at ES Kreativno pero

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