Cambridge Secondary 2

Cambridge Secondary 2 programme continues the consolidation of knowledge gained at Cambridge Secondary 1 level, and is designed for children aged 14 to 16. Application of this programme supports systems which put children in the central role, as ours does. Students take subjects within the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, one of the most widely used curricula implemented in over 100 countries worldwide. At the end of the programme, students take exams, whereupon they receive the Cambridge IGCSE certificate.

Cambridge Advanced

This curriculum is implemented in over 125 countries worldwide, and is an excellent preparation for entry into any university in the world, being designed for youth aged 16 to 19. The basics gained during Cambridge Secondary 2 are expanded, and the programme is focused on obtaining knowledge and developing skills needed for successful further education. Cambridge Advanced  helps youth to comprehend more complex ideas, phenomena and processes, equips them for independent acquiring of knowledge, and develops critical thinking skills, all of which are highly valued at universities. All teaching and communication takes place in English. At the end of the programme, students take exams and receive the Cambridge A level qualifications certificate of completion.