The development of each child’s potential is supported through trimestral, mid-year and annual reports on the child’s progress, forwarded to parents/guardians together with adaptation reports.

The children’s progress is also tracked through portfolios and lapbooks. By using these carefully designed notebooks for tracking the children’s progress and supporting all aspects of their development, parents/guardians receive weekly feedback on each child’s progress.


We have a special procedure in place to adapt the child to the social and physical environment in our Pre-School Institution. During the adaptation period in the new environment, including kindergarten teachers, other children and daily rhythm, the expert team of Kreativno Pero offers the child and its parents/guardians substantial support.

In the first week of adaptation, the parent/guardian joins the child in its new group, including other children and kindergarten teachers, with additional support offered by the pedagogist. During the first week, the parent/guardian and the child spend around two hours in the Institution.

In the second week of adaptation, the parent or another close adult still spends time with the child in the kindergarten, but gradually physically separates from the space of the educational group, with a clear message to the child that he/she is there and can be reached by the child at any moment. At the end of the week, the parent/guardian receives an e-mail containing the report on the child’s adaptation, favourite activities, mingling with peers, dietary habits, spatial exploration, and the child’s overall well-being.

The third week represents the first period of total separation from the child, with the child saying goodbye to the parent or close adult at the beginning of the day. It’s very important that the parent or close adult keeps relatively close to the kindergarten, so that we can react faster in case of the child crying or expressing discomfort in other ways. Please note that tears are to be expected at first, and our decades-long experience shows that crying doesn’t necessarily express unhappiness with the kindergarten or the kindergarten teachers. At the end of the week, parents/guardians are sent an adaptation report.

The fourth week of adaptation functions similarly to the preceding one. At the end of the week, parents/guardians are sent an adaptation report.

The cooperation of parent or close adult with the pedagogist, kindergarten teachers and other staff is very significant throughout the adaptation process, and in the best interest of the child. The recommendation is to agree upon who will be bringing the child at the very beginning of the adaptation process. Since children don’t come to the Pre-School Institution on weekends, it’s vital that the parent or close adult talk to the child and remind it of the kindergarten, kindergarten teachers and socialising, so that the child becomes more comfortable with the idea of going back to the kindergarten, integrating it into its daily routine.