Why Us?

All programmes realised in our school have been accredited by the relevant Ministry and the Cambridge Centre.

What makes our school stand out is the integration of national and Cambridge programmes. Your child’s successful completion of elementary education provides him/her with multiple certificates: the certificate of completed elementary education, but also certificates of completed Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Secondary 1 programmes, which offers horizontal mobility and gives the student an advantage in further choices.

Besides the implementation of the bilingual programme, a second foreign language (French or German) is taught from the first grade.

The daily rhythm is organised so that children attend numerous clubs in addition to their usual national and Cambridge programmes: Chess, Cooking, Sports, Dancing, History of Art, Secret Agents, Disney Club, Scientists, Modelling, Board Games, Little Tailor, and many others. The school day lasts from 9:00 to 17:00 hours, while homework is done in mentoring classes, so that parents can fully dedicate themselves to quality family time after picking up their children.

The school day begins at 8:30am. From 8:30am to 9:00am, students have breakfast and thеn assemble to attend morning readings (listening to interesting sections from children’s books or magazines). Kreativno pero is a no-bell school, because we feel that children should develop the ability of orientation in time, while also removing the potentially stressful effect of the school bell. The school day ends at 5.00pm.

Key subjects such as Serbian, foreign languages, maths, natural and social sciences are held in the morning, while the afternoon is intended for arts, sports and IT as well as mentorship. During the final class, students have the opportunity to relax and engage in their favourite hobbies and activities. 

The daily dynamics look like this:




 breakfast, morning assembly


 1st class


 2nd class




3rd class


4th class




 5th class


 6th class




 7th class


Clubs (music, art, media club, judo, chess, acting, cooking, Italian, environmental club...)