The Parents’ Association was founded in the school year 2009/2010 at the suggestion of the management. All parents whose children attend Kreativno Pero make up the Association. The main goal of this association is to create close relationships between the families and school/kindergarten. Engagement of the parents is voluntary and all activities are organized in agreement with the students, teachers and management.

Humanitarian Activities

At the beginning of every school year, we organise the first of four or more humanitarian activities that take place every year. Mini-Book Fair and Clothes for Coins are activities which involve our students and kindergarten children in bringing their books and clothes and selling them on improvised stands. The money collected in this way is donated for humanitarian purposes. The spirit of selflessness which is   exhibited through the sheer amount of items children bring every year,  clearly shows  that we have fulfilled our basic objective - nurturing empathy and humanity in our students.

In cooperation with the Parents’ Association we have organised the We’re All Santa Claus humanitarian drive, where parents and students bring clothes, sweets, books and toys, all carefully packed into small gift boxes. Representatives of Kreativno Pero and the Parents’ Association have visited numerous homes for children, hospitals, safehouses, organisations providing care for children in jeopardy, and social work centres, delivering over 1000 gifts.

International Cuisine Day has been organised in our school premises and Villa Jelena in Belgrade. All parents are included in the project, with certain families, designated as event coordinators by the Parents’ Association, presenting the best of Serbian, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Austrian and Australian cuisine. Year after year, we have gathered around the table that we jointly furnished by preparing meals from the host country, all according to traditional recipes. Our Russian Cuisine Day was particularly notable for the presence of Madame Natalia Chepurina, the wife of the Russian Ambassador.

Easter holidays are an opportunity for humanity to be shown at work, so our students, kindergarten children, their parents, employees, and friends of the school all gather for the Easter Auction, where they bid for wooden and ostrich Easter eggs, hand-painted by the children themselves. All funds gathered during the auction are forwarded for  humanitarian purposes.

In cooperation with the Parents’ Association, we also organise the Sports Day, which gathers children, parents and employees of Kreativno Pero. So far, we have  organised excursions to Avala, Kosutnjak, and Orasac, as well as a day-long picnic in the schoolyard. Everyone participates in Games without Limits, the most popular games being  throwing frisbees, tug-of-wars, relay race, horse riding and swimming.

Summer-greeting Bazaar marks the end of the school year, when we gather in order for children and students to display their creativity, in the form of handmade soaps, baths, tinctures, herbaria, picture frames, ship and car models, objects branded with the school’s logo, and various other forms of artistry. The idea is to instil an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of humanity in children.