“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.” Serbian Proverb

At Kreativno Pero, each child is viewed as unique as every star in the sky.  An exceptional combination of temperament and inspiration, ability and motivation, wonder and passion, each child is potential waiting to be materialized.

The Kreativno Pero educational system is a student-centered learning environment designed to cultivate the heart, intellect, and experience of budding young minds. Our journey in youth development begins with identifying the individual traits of each child providing creative opportunities to discover, learn, and grow with transformative teaching methods from skilled, experienced and nurturing teachers that guide their learning path, track and monitor their progress and target opportunities to enhance their special needs and talents. Then we search for the most distinct experiential learning activities for students to apply their talents and knowledge to innovative projects, exhibitions of learning, community service, competitions and youth conferences, locally and internationally. The transparent thread that aligns these discrete stages of development is principles, values and ethos, the foundation that builds moral character and societies.

Providing a balance between the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, and the Cambridge International Programme, our students are able to build the 21st century skills and international mindedness to think locally and act globally, being competitive as students and global citizens, both at home and abroad.

As a psychologist, I can critically confirm, that Kreativno Pero is at the forefront of education in Serbia developing lifelong learners, innovators and future leaders with humble demeanors yet noble intentions, each one as unique as the stars in the sky.

Our doors are open to all who believe that knowledge with experience is power.

Gordana Kedzic,
Head-Mistress of Educational System Kreativno Pero​