ES Kreativno pero -  QR Scavenger hunt in Topcider Park

Today, on 11th of October 2016 in Topčider Park we held a workshop QR Scavenger hunt for children and parents from kindergarten. We managed to combine modern technology, spending time in nature, learn, play and family time. October has given us a nice autumn day without rain and full of vivid colors. Four teams with the support of parents through the park were looking for clues with QR codes. Each QR code lead them to the new track. So we toured the entire park, met its sights and heard stories about them, and finally find the treasure!

And it all started like this: "Legend says that in the shady parts of Topcider Park Knight Milos has hidden treasures and left clues that lead to it... So...Just resourceful, will find it today ..."

We congratulate to our kindergarten teacher Sanja Miladinovic for realizing great idea!

Photo credits Bojana Pujic