Literary Gathering
The pupils Vladana Joksimovic and Rajna Removic have represented ES "Kreativno Pero" at a literary meeting "Over the River" in Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 10 till 13th September in 2015. This literary meeting was organized by the Foundation Mak Dizdar from Sarajevo, in cooperation with the Uzice's Literary Republic and the Centre for Creative Writing from Zagreb. Besides our pupils the meeting was attended by young people from several secondary schools - Rijeka's First Croatian Gymnasium, Private Classical High School from Zagreb, General  Catholic Gymnasium  from Sarajevo,  Secondary School from Stolac, Ballet School "Lujo Davico" from Belgrade and  Gymnasium from Uzice. During the meeting we had the opportunity to socialize with the authors  from the region: Radmila Lazic, Dragan Mladenovic (Serbia), Nebojsa Lujanovic, Tanja Mravak (Croatia), Almin Kaplan and Selvedin Avdic (Bosnia and Herzegovina). "Name of this literary meeting  derives from the lyrics of the poem "Blue River" by Mak Dizdar - "we must cross the river", referres primarily to the members of the younger generation and the need to overcome physical and mental boundaries that  previous generation have created."
About the project "Over the River", Vladana thinks that it gave us an opportunity to meet contemporary literature and its creators. We had the opportunity to ask the authors about the way they understand literature and how they started to write. Conversatons with them, and we lectures we have listened have awakened in me a desire to find more time to read and open up a multitude of new pages. Also, we met new friend from other cities with whom we are planing to stay in touch and we plan to meet again"

From the  Rajna's perspective the whole event looked like this: "Literary meetings in Stolac were extremely useful and interesting experience. I had the opportunity to meet with our contemporary literature and to learn something about the process of creating a book or a poem. I met wonderful and friendly people from different countries, and I enjoyed Stolac, a town full of historical monuments. Finally, I would just like to say that this project was very successful and interesting because of its usefulness and the cultural and social aspects. "