​Đorđe Ogrizović, a student at the Department of Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, delivered lectures at ES Kreativno pero about air pollution and the importance of plants and trees for the environment. We want to express our joy and pleasure that we share his impressions of our institution. Đorđe Ogrizović said that he was very pleased to present the importance of dealing with pollution and the environment to our children during the past two days. He points out: ''My original idea to get children interested in pollution and the environment surely succeeded at ES Kreativno pero. Children were very interested, willing to learn something new, with developed critical thinking, they asked questions and listened carefully to what I was talking about. Creativity and curiosity are traits that children at this school possess. I look forward to new project with ES Kreativno pero and the interest of all participants, from kindergarten to secondary school will serve as an inspiration for even better activities in the future.''