April 2020 Newsletter
April 2020 Newsletter

April 2020 Newsletter

Dear all,

Important information will be announced every month. All information will be in one place, transparent and always accessible.
This issue covers the activities planned for April, 2020.

You may follow the  realization of our monthly activities on our website (www.kreativnopero.com)  and social networks (Facebook FB Kreativno pero  FB VOS Kreativno peroTwitterInstagramYoutube). 

We invite you to follow the program activities using the Google Calendar on ES Kreativno Pero site.

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To The Parents

Dear parents,

This Newsletter finds us in an unexpected situation.

We are in isolation and a state of emergency. We are unsure, afraid and worried. All this makes us, adults, feel stressed. This is a reality we need to adapt to along with our children and their needs. All of this is new to our children: They don’t go to school, can’t go out, can’t see their friends...

What do children need to have? A responsible and honest parent as a role model to show how to behave in a situation of crisis. A parent should help organize their child’s day so that the child has all they need - learning, play time, physical activity, helping with chores, spending time with their family, doing their hobbies in closed space. And all of this with a smile, a hug and reassuring words that all will be well.
Our love, security and attention to the children are important and help the children cope with the crisis,

ES Kreativno pero organized distance learning as a best way to be a part of your children’s daily activities. We created our activities having in mind the needs of your children and with the idea to help them spend quality time while in conditions of isolation.

We are together in this and you can count on us!

Stay healthy!
Kreativno pero

World Health Organization’s advice to parents:
How to take care of the children’smental health during the COVID 19 epidemic 



The World Health Organization has provided, among other things, recommendations and advice to parents and guardians caring for their children's mental health during the COVID 19 epidemic.

You can find all the tips and recommendations at this LINK, and here's a section dedicated to children:

Help children find positive ways to express feelings such as fear or sadness. Each child has their own way of expressing emotions. Engaging in creative activity such as playing and drawing can sometimes make this process easier. It will be easier for children to express and communicate their feelings in a safe environment and with the needed support.

Children should be with their parents and family if it is safe for the child; separation of children from their guardians should be avoided as far as possible. If the child has to be separated from his or her primary caregivers, make sure that he or she is provided with adequate alternative protection and that the social worker (or appropriate person) regularly monitors the child. Further, during the separation period, provide the child with regular contact with parents or guardians, e.g. telephone / video calls twice a day or other forms of communication according to the child's age (social networks).

Maintain a familiar routine in daily life as much as possible, or create a new routine, especially if the children need to stay home. Provide them with age-appropriate activities that they can engage in as well as learning activities. Encourage children to play and keep in contact with others as much as possible, at least within the family only if reduced social contact is advised.

It is common for children to seek for closer bond and connection with their parents during periods of crisis or stress. Talk to your children about COVID-19 honestly and in accordance with their age. If children express their concerns, it is best to approach them together - this may reduce their anxiety. Children will observe the behavior and emotions of adults to find signs of how to cope with their emotions during difficult periods.

Online Classroom

April 2020 Newsletter

The Serbian Government has made the following decision - a state of emergency was declared for the entire territory of the state of Serbia due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 virus. One of the prescribed measures involves the transition of schools and preschools to distance learning.

Educational System Kreativno Pero has continued to work in online classrooms on the Edmodo Learning Platform. A great deal of effort has been put into making everything a success. Our collective, children, students, students and their parents were hardworking, engaged and dedicated and showed that there are no limits to learning, exploring and learning.

This is the opportunity for us to thank everyone, and to promise that in the coming period we will continue to improve distance learning in accordance with our students’ and their parents’ needs, deas and suggestions.

Online workshop for parents

2. 4. 2020.

"How to prepare children for changes - New situation and what now?

The workshop planned for 26.3.2020. was called How to prepare children for changes? but wasn’t held for obvious reasons. We decided to hold the workshop anyway but with a title that has changed a little bit.

The workshop will be held online LIVE for all interested parents.

To participate in the workshop, it is necessary to apply via info@kreativnopero.com, where you need to provide your e-mail address (the e-mail has to be Gmail). Then you will be added to the workshop group.

The workshop will be realized by teacher Nataša Nikolić


Changes in the Rulebook for educational work for school year 2019/20

In the state of emergency there are various measures connected to citzens’ movements. The ministry of education, science and technological developmend made a decision that holiday days should be spent studying believinf that stopping the online lessons wouldn’t be beneficial for students and that this change will help children cover key curriculum when the situation goes back to normal.

Planned calendar change states:

Elementary school

13-16. 4. 2020.

High school

15-16. 4. 2020.

Distance learning according and other activities according to a planned timetable

Elementary school and high school

17-20. 4. 2020.

Appropriate educational materials connected to the holiday which help children spend quality free time.

Elementary school and high school

21. 4. 2020.

Continuing distance learning

Easter holidays

12. 4. 2020.

Catholic Easter

19. 4. 2020.

Orthodox Easter

Online entrance exam (mock exam) for VIII grade students

21. 4. 2020.

You will be timely informed about all details and possible changes.

Cambridge International - May/June 2020 exams

Cambridge Assessment International Education made a decision in the light of the new situation and Covid-19 pandemic that the may/june exam series 2020 will not be held in any country. This concerns the following exams: Cambridge Checkpoint Primary, Checkpoint Secondary 1, IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS & A Level, Cambridge AICE Diploma i Cambridge Pre-U.

Cambridge Assessment International Education center is still working on finding the best possible solution for assessing students’ knowledge and will include schools in the process.

We still don’t have clear instructions or details on how the assessments will be done.

As soon as we have more information, we will timely inform you.

We are sending you a link link where you can learn more about Cambridge exams and read FAQ connected to the situation of Covid-19 pandemic. 

STEM Discovery Week

April 2020 Newsletter

20 - 26. 4. 2020.


Realization of STEM activities through a club. Kindergarten and Elementary school - additional programmes  

Elementary school

I - IV razred

Realization of STEM activities through Global Perspectives club


27. 4. 2020.

We shouldn’t forget our faithful friends, our pets.

Send photos, write a story or paint a picture of your pet.

April 2020 Newsletter


How to spend quality time at home?
We recommend:


April 2020 Newsletter

Online plays for kids

April 2020 Newsletter

Online plays for kids

April 2020 Newsletter

Online plays for adults

April 2020 Newsletter

Belgrade philharmonic orchestra for kids

April 2020 Newsletter

Games, Videos, Animals…

April 2020 Newsletter

Reading, Kid s Activities…

April 2020 Newsletter

Educational games

April 2020 Newsletter

STEM Activities and STEAM Challenges

April 2020 Newsletter

Explore the World of Wonders

This is an opportunity to see many museums around the world. Here’s a list of museums which offer online tours: 

The Palace of Versailles, Versailles

Louvre Museum i Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

British Museum, London

Guggenheim Museum, New York

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

National Gallery of Art, Washington

Museum of Art of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seul

National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City