The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates supported the Serbian team that will represent our country at the third International Robotics Olympiad. This year's Olympiad will be held from October 24 to 27, 2019 in Dubai.

The competition itself is organized by First Global to promote STEM careers among young people and point out some of the most important environmental issues. STEM is a unique way of learning, ie  interdisciplinary connection of 4 subjects, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

On that occasion, the First Secretary of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Abdulrahman Alsamsi, visited the private high school Kreativno pero.

Representatives of the embassy were hosted by students of the International High school Kreativno pero, Serbian High school Nikola Tesla from Budapest and High school of Electrical Engineering Mija Stanimirović from Niš, which make up the Serbian national team, and presented their project. It is a robot that was delivered in parts from the USA, and they worked hard on its assembly in the past period, with their mentor, computer science teacher Vuk Vujović.

The specificity of the Serbian team is that it consists of five girls, Jelena Tomašević, Sara Jašović and Mina Matić, students of the private High school Kreativno pero, Jelena Zdravković, student of High school of Electrical Engineering Mija Stanimirović from Niš and Tara Malović, student of the Serbian High school Nikola Tesla from Budapest.

This is the second year that Serbia is represented by a women's team, and that is not a coincidence. It is very important that the STEM career is promoted among girls because in Serbia there are only 12% of women among programmers, and in the world that percentage is even lower. This is also indicated by the fact that at last year's Olympiad in Mexico, out of 160 teams, there were only 9 women teams, including the Serbian team.

After the presentation of the project of the Serbian team, there was a conversation about a distant country, to which the contestants will travel on October 23.

The Robotics Olympiad brings together more than 160 countries around the world. This year, through solving various tasks of a competitive type, together they must solve one of the greatest problems of today - the removal of micro and macro pollutants from the world's oceans.