Representatives of the Parents Association and educational center "Kreativno Pero" visited the Children and Youth Center "Vera Radivojevic" from Bela Crkva on December 23. On that occasion, New Year's packages were delivered to all residents of that home, as well as to members of the Association for the Mentally Disabled Persons "Pinokio" and to children from socially deprived families of the region. Their joy, the smiles on their faces and the gratitude in their eyes really are priceless.

On December 25, donations were presented in Kragujevac, Knic and Nis. Educational centre "Kreativno pero" and pre-school "Akvica" visited the Children's ward of the Clinical Hospital Center in Kragujevac and on that occasion tried to bring a little New Year's spirit and holiday joy through gift giving and socializing to the little ones who will spend the upcoming holidays there.

On the same day, in cooperation with the Municipality of Knić, a New Year's Eve event and a festive presentation of New Year's packages were organized at the Cultural Center, which was attended by Mrs. Maja Kovacevic with her 11 children from Vrdil near Kraljevo. Everybody were rejoiced over the songs which we performed by The children of the Preschool institution “Cvetic” and the students of the Music School “Miloje Milojevic” from Kragujevac, department in Knić.

The ceremony opening begun with a wonderful speech by Mrs. Bozica Velousis, a member of the Parents Association “Educational Centre Kreativno Pero”, a writer and poet who also wrote a poem for the occasion for the youngest.

Santa Claus

Why Santa Claus

doesn't come every day?

To rejoice with me,

and dad and mom.

I'm waiting for Santa Claus

to the door I wait for him to ring

Every morning, every night

I wait for him and the gifts to be brought.


Mom doesn't sing the song,

she is a bit nervous and angry

waiting Santa with me

from a long way.


someone rings at the door,

dad bring us joy

his wish is to make me and my mom happy.


Santa could not come,

But He sent the gifts

and he told me that you need to decorate the tree.


Thank you for being, our good Santa Claus,

But the best thing for me is that Dad and Mom care and look out for me!


Educational centre’s “Kreativno Pero” principal Gordana Kedzic, Director of the Knić Center for Social Work Aleksandra Spasojevic, Mayor of Knic Miroslav Nikolic addressed the attendees, while Santa Claus was giving the packages and was smiling.

The donation for “Carica Jelena” Primary and Secondary Education centre in Niš, which educates children with disabilities from preschool to high school age, was donated by the “Find the Raul” charity.

Educational Centre “Kreativno Pero” is grateful to everyone who were part of all these beautiful, precious moments, the centre is grateful for all the smiles on the faces of the youngest as they are most important!

Special thanks to the President and Member of the Parents Association, Mr. Damir Jusufovic and Mrs. Bozica Velousis, for their significant contribution to the implementation of the action, as well as to the Ilic family and the Viz Connection team who made it possible for the gifts to reach intended destination.

Educational “Kreativno Pero” team wishes everyone a happy upcoming holiday!