Djordje Ogrizovic, a graduate student at Faculty of Engineering and Metallurgy – Environmental Engineering, held a number of significant lectures as part of Global Perspective week at private international educational system "Kreativno Pero" on the 2nd of March, 2020.

The children from Preschool “Kreativno Pero” had carefully listened to the lectures and interesting facts about plastic and environmental conservation and after the lecture they provided very interesting answers to the lecturer’s questions.

The topic for younger elementary school students was Looking after Planet Earth - why is litter a problem? Guest lecturer Djordje Ogrizovic talked about the harms of using plastic and how the use of plastic can be reduced. The students were highly motivated to learn, given that they have experience in launching ecology and recycling activities. The lecture was in English, in accordance with the Global Perspectives Week program.

The lecture about Migration which is caused by environmental problems was attended by the students of the private High School “Kreativno Pero”, and on the basis of this they learned a lot of interesting facts about migration flows due to environmental changes, climate change etc.

We would like to thank Djordje Ogrizovic for very inspiring and useful lecture, which gave the children and students of the “Kreativno Pero” educational system an opportunity to become acquainted with the topic. Students will continue to deal with these topics considering the fact that they will participate in performing projects as a part of the newly introduced Cambridge subject - Global Perspectives.