Educational system Kreativno pero to offer world-class Cambridge Early Years curriculum

Educational system Kreativno pero has been approved to offer the brand-new Cambridge Early Years programme.

Cambridge Early Years is the start of an exciting educational journey that helps learners aged 3 to 6 develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to meet key early milestones and thrive in and outside of school.
The programme is child-centred and play-based, helping young learners to grow at their own pace and connect their development with the world and people around them. It gives schools and other settings everything they need to deliver a quality early years education: a holistic and balanced curriculum, engaging classroom resources, assessment approaches to measure learners’ progress, and professional development opportunities.

“Our programme focuses on children’s all-round development, helping them build a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding and skills, and preparing them for the transition to primary education. It was developed in collaboration with trusted early years experts both in the UK and internationally, so it reflects the very latest educational thinking. We truly believe that Cambridge Early Years gives young learners the best possible start in life.
”Cambridge Early Years is the first stage of the Cambridge Pathway. By extending the pathway to younger learners, Cambridge now offers a clear path for educational success from age 3 to 19.