Secondary school article

In the middle of Checkpoint and IGCSE exams

After the Checkpoint exam, Kreativno pero has now entered the IGCSE exam phase. Encouraging for excellent results is the key to raising students' awareness of the importance of success, which teachers support in every aspect.

Dedication is the key to the success of Kreativno pero

School Day marks the long-standing success of Kreativno pero in providing the opportunity for each student to get and achieve what he wants. Commitment is the key to success, it is proud to say this institution.

A completely new approach to address teaching topics

The integration of the Cambridge program in Kreativno pero opens the door to a new and innovative approach to learning and work. The teaching staff that follows this is a carefully selected group of experts.

Innovations on every plan

Going to power in the changes is essential for innovation in education, which Kreativno pero works thoroughly and diligently with high level commitment. The content of the academic program here plays an important role.

Every challenge is essential for the future

Why is our challenge essential to the future? Certainly because of the increased performance in Kreativno pero and the new achievements as well as the magic numbers that make a grandiose difference: 40 different extracurricular activities on a weekly basis, 225 awards won in the competitions, 12 as the average number of children in the class / group and 200 tablets and laptops in teaching which has all influenced the increase in both the standards and the quality of teaching.

The way of thinking

The challenge, above all, changes the way of thinking. The challenge is not where there is no desire to think and work in a new, different way. Challenge does not suffer from standing in place, giving up goal, stopping due to problems. It implies that there is no giving up, there is no unreachable, impossible, unachievable.

Proof of will

The story of Kreativno pero and its founding is nothing but proof that work, effort, diligence and focus can do just what others say is impossible. Proof of will, devotion and fantastic work.

What is the goal?

But what is most important to say is not the goal to reach the goal. The goal is to travel and constantly move the goal, goals, and find new ones. And that's what we want most to achieve with ourselves. To constantly move the boundaries of our own success. Let us never be satisfied with what we have achieved, but to strive for higher, better and more challenging.

An important lesson

Belief in ourselves, in our ability, in our own abilities, that is what we learn from the Kreativno pero, which allows us to no longer accept the idea that there is impossible for us. Now we know that there is a magnificent future ahead of us. And we will have it.

And Kreativno pero believes it. And that's why it's here for us.

Lav Leskur
A pupil of the 2nd grade of the gymnasium Kreativno pero