The students of private and international school “Kreativno Pero” had the privilege to talk to geography teacher Dejan Nemcic via skype on the 13th of January. He founded “Africa - We Can Do It Together” association in order to help African children educate. He talked about his experiences from Africa which were both impressive and poignant at the same time. He explained that a boy donated a soccer ball that caused great joy for peers from Africa, after which they organized a football tournament which lasted a month. He also told them about the conditions in which African children attend school often without textbooks and school supplies. The details of the health status of African children, who often die from malaria, are shocking.

The students were interested in how they could get involved in this action and the lecturer explained that the best way to donate is to listen to your heart i.e. to donate what you think will make your peers happy (school supplies, malaria medicines, geographical maps because African children often have no idea what the rest of the world looks like because of a lack of maps).