An extensive job has been completed in Petnica Science Station. Applicants for educational programs were selected after the process of screening high school students in 2020.  Out of the 1750 entries from about 300 high schools, 1250 students were invited to winter seminars, including students from private and international school “Kreativno Pero” Una Zarkovic and Anja Jovanovic. Congratulations to Una and Anja on their admission to PSC, 2020. Petnica Science Station is an independent institution dedicated to the development of scientific culture, scientific literacy, education and culture.

PSC's activities target mostly young people - students, as well as training of new teachers’ techniques, methods and content in science and technology. PSC is an organization professionally engaged in supporting and educating young people that goes beyond the level of regular school curricula, making it unique in Central and Southeastern Europe. 

Activities at the PSC involve seminars of various programs, and most of the programs involve the high school population of students. Apart from them, the seminars are attended by elementary students and college students.

Today, the Petnica Science Station covers an area of ​​approximately 7,500 square meters of landscaped work and living space and is one of the world's top institutions for out-of-school scientific education for young people.

Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade donated one hundred scientific books to Petnica Science Center’s library in 2019.