ES Kreativno pero - Humanitarian Easter Auction 2022


The Kreativno pero educational system in cooperation with the Parents' Association announces the Humanitarian Easter Auction 2022, which is organized on the occasion of the upcoming Easter holidays, and invites all organizations and companies as well as individuals with good hearts to join because together we can do more.

At the Easter workshops, the participants of the Kreativno pero carefully painted wooden eggs, with the desire to help their friends from socially endangered families with their contribution, and their unique artistic works will be the subject of an auction.

The participants in the auction will bid, and the collected funds will be donated to socially endangered families in Serbia.

Every year, the Kreativno pero team goes to visit the families of potential beneficiaries of donations, in order to make sure that the help within the humanitarian actions, that it selflessly organized all these years, goes to the right hands. During the past weekend, team Kreativno pero visited the Andjelovic family from the village of Radovnica in Trgoviste. The family has 5 members (mother Ljubinka, father Radivoje, and their three children) and live in inhumane living conditions. So far, they have been helped by the utility company where Ljubinka works, as well as the municipality of Trgoviste. They still need help, and the proceeds from the auction will be directed to this family in order to provide them with sufficient funds to buy materials for the construction of a new house.

The Kreativno pero team also visited the Mihajlovic family from the village of Toplac near Vranje. Thanks to the support of the municipality and people of good heart, this family has been helped in the meantime and the renovation of their house is already underway. As part of this humanitarian action, the Mihajlovic family will be provided with the missing appliances.

The auction will be held in a public and silent form, on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, in the beautiful ambiance of the Kreativno pero at the address Tolstojeva 58, from 16:00 h to 18:00 h.

The Easter auction was also supported by the humanitarian organization Find Raoul from Nis, and joined by the Art School Nis and the Center for Social Services Mara Nis for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities, whose participants are loving and willing to help families by painting wooden eggs that will also be found at this year's charity competition.

Last year, a humanitarian online silent auction was held, and the collected income was directed towards the humanitarian project Kolevka for Stara Planina, organized by the humanitarian organization Kolevka.
Easter is the right time to show humanity in action!

The team of the Educational system Kreativno pero thanks everyone in advance for their participation and good heart!