The educational system "Kreativno Pero" participated in the annual charity Bazaar held on December the 1st at Belgrade Fair.

Within the Bazaar there was also a "Children's Corner" in which the children could have fun and participate in creative workshops that were organized for them, while their parents could visit the stands and enjoy the Bazaar.

The most beautiful and unique thing about the Bazaar is the cultural exchange.

In addition to the humanitarian work, visitors were able to “travel” through the countries, members of the Bazaar, enjoying the songs, plays, food and everything that is authentic for each country. The Charity Bazaar is the most important event of the International Women's Club of Belgrade, which raises funds for the implementation of various local humanitarian projects. These local humanitarian projects are also supported by Women's Club of Belgrade. 

The funds raised are for the elderly, combating gender-based violence, human trafficking, education of Romani children, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups.