Newsletter november 2017 Primary School

Dear parents, you are reading the 13th edition of From Our Pero News.

During this school year, each month, we are going to inform you about planned outings, competitions, open contests, charity events, parents’ meetings, open doors, medical examinations and other important events. Relevant information will be in one place, neat and always available. This year, we are going to have a separate newsletter for kindergarten, primary and secondary school.
On the 25th of each month, you will receive From Our Pero newsletter.

In this edition, we would like to inform you about the activities planned for November 2017.

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Charity Action - Book for Everyone

26. 10. 2017.

Tolstojeva 58 & Cakorska 3

16 - 17 h

Our pupils are organizing charity auction Book for everyone, together with their parents and our employees. Charity book sale is being held during October, the book month, and throughout the month, with our students and with children in our kindergarten, we had talked about importance of books and reading. We had organized workshops and literary meetings. This year, every class had an assignment to go through every step in book making: students wrote texts, illustrated or suggested the look of the covers, chose the topics and the titles and designed it too. In addition to creating unique books, which can be bought on our mini fair, they also donated novels, comics, picture books and other printed editiones. At this Mini Book Fair, students will be selling books. Raised money and unsold books will be donated to charity.

We're expecting you.

Newsletter november 2017 Primary School



CARNet  User Conference

8 - 10. 11. 2017.


Our employees are in final phase of preparation for the CARNet User Conference.

Sanja Miladinovic, Ivana Ivkovic, Milena Radojkovic and Bojan Savic - The Development of Algorithmic Thinking and Thematic Approach through ICT;

Bojan Savic and Ljubica Ilic - School Self Evaluation through ICT- New Perspectives and Challenges.

Jelena Dinic - Expended Reality in Chemistry Classes.

Aleksandra Labovic - Goals, Achievements and ways to Conduct Mathematics Classes. Linking ICT and Business (through Cmabridge and National curriculum)

We wish them great success.

Newsletter november 2017 Primary School



Lecture for Parents

31. 10. 2017.

18.00 - 19.00 h

Cakorska 3

A tribune by Tatjana Djuraskovic, the chief police inspector in the department for the fight against high-tech crime, will be organized for parents of pupils from the 4th to the 8th grade of primary school.

Topic of the forum: Abuse of the Internet



31. 10. 2017.

Tolstojeva 58 i Cakorska 3

Children can come wearing costumes and bring candies( kinder bars, not in any way hard candies or jelly beans nor bubble gums).That day, in English language classes, teachers will talk about Halloween and organize Trick or Treating, when they will give out candies to children from Kindergarten. 

Newsletter november 2017 Primary School


Open Door Day

6. 11. 2017.

Cakorska 3

17. 30 - 19. 30


18. 00 - 20. 00


I 1 Classroom

Bojan Miloradovic, Teacher

Sanja Miladinovic, Science Teacher

I 2 Classroom

Marija Skokovic, Teacher

Kristina Nikolic, English language teacher

II 1Classroom

Milica Jovanovic, Teacher

Irena Zivkovic, German language teacher

II 2 Classroom

Ivana Jeremic, Teacher

Vukica Catic, Music Teacher


III 1 Classroom

Violeta Kondic, Teacher

Ivana Ivkovic, English language teacher

Nebojsa Milivojevic, Physical Education Teacher

III 2 Classroom

Marija Djokovska, Teacher

Olgica Stankovic, French language teacher


 IV 1 Classroom

Aleksandra Aprcovic, Teacher

Milena Radojkovic, English language teacher

Dunja Trutin, Art teacher

 IV 2 Classroom

Mirjana Rasic, Teacher

Irena Zivkovic, German language teacher

 V Classroom

Zorica Lekovic, Techical education teacher

Stefan Todorovic, Serbian language teacher

 VI Classroom

Jelena Popovic Rakocevic, Geography Teacher

Sasa Glamocak, Serbian language teacher

VII Classroom

Branko Vitorovic, Physical Education Teacher

Aleksandra Labovic, Mathematic teacher

 VIII Classroom

Uros Antonic, French language teacher

Teodora Tapavicki, Music teacher


Writter Uros Petrovic visiting Kreativno Pero

15. 11. 2017.

Cakorska 3

Uros Petrovic writes books for children and young adults that move borders in contemporary Serbian literature. He writes novels in riddles, fantastic stories, so the works of this author are original and rewarding adventures for his readers. Because they meet wonderful, unusual and scary, gorgeous imagination and special humor in his books, they become more and more popular for adults.

His faithful readers, our Stage 5 pupils, had the wish to meet him and that wish will come true.

Newsletter november 2017 Primary School


Student reports

6. 11. 2017.

Student reports will be sent by mail 

Art Exibition

Katarina Nikolic, Stage 4/2 pupil

01 - 30. 11. 2017.

Tolstojeva 58

Respectable class-English language

16. 11. 2017.


English language teachers Kristina Nikolic and Ivana Ivkovic are organizing respectable class in Primary School's first grade, for wich colleagues can sign up at Maximum number of applicants is 3.

Theme is Supermarket and this class includes food vocabulary practice and every day conversational phrases they need while shopping in Supermarket.



2. 11. 2017.

Museum of Science and Technology​

I grade

6. 11. 2017.

Library Cika Jova Zmaj

II grade

7. 11. 2017.

Milosev konak - Orienteering part of thematic approach

III grade

November 2017.

Museum of Modern Art​

VII razred

November 2017.

Museum Nikola Tesla

VIII grade

Autumn break

9. & 10. 11. 2017.

Autumn break starts on the 9th of November and ends on 10th of November 2017.