United Nations Office for fight against drugs and crime in the Republic of Serbia in the coming period will implement the pilot program - Skills for Adolescence.
Skills for Adolescence Program was created with the help of adolescents and based on the work of the elementary school population in the age of 12-15 years. The program covers the following topics: drug abuse, prevention of the use of alcohol and tobacco in primary schools through participatory active sessions during one academic year. The program is assessed and accredited by the American National Institute on Drug Abuse – NIDA. It represents an important material based on evidences directed to the prevention of the use of narcotics. Seventh and eighth grade pupils from Primary School and first grade pupils from Secondary School Kreativno Pero will be included in the implementation of this pilot program. Coordinator for Kreativno Pero is our psychologist Snezana Opankovic. From 20th to 22nd of October in 2014, Snezana have attended the seminar on subject: Skills for adolescence, where she was introduced to the basics of the pilot program and learned the strategies for teaching social and emotional skills.