New Year's Concert
On 23rd of December 2015 we gathered at the Children's Cultural Centre ... Our pupils, their parents, teachers, s, kindergarten teachers and other employees in the Kreativno Pero. Children  staged a memorable evening with music, song and dance for the parents and friends. The sounds of piano, flute, guitar, drums and laughter was all arund .The choir sang cheerfully and joyfully. The applauses were loud. In the  air you could feel  that something festive and warm. Everything you see in the photographs is the result of joint efforts of the team working in the Kreativno Pero. Art teacher Jovan Gligorijevic  designed and created the scenery with the help of colleagues from the band, the history teacher - Igor Kuzmanovic, the physical education teacher Branko Vitorovic and Mladen Begovic, the math teacher and colleagues from the IT Bogdan Prascevic. Music teacher Teodora Tapavicki, Milica Radivojevic, Jelena Bojovic and Jovana Topalov, with talented children have made this concert especially festive. Ivan Mileusnic was entrusted with the choreography. The whole team was selflessly engaged in the realization of this beautiful concert.