Educational System Kreativno Pero Beauty and the Beast
This evening, 23rd December 2016 in Madlenianum, as a gift for their parents, friends and school employees, the students of ES Kreativno Pero performed a play Beauty and the Beast. This was the beginning of the school’s 10-year Anniversary celebration – Ten years since Kreativno Pero has been established.
Beauty and the Beast is one of the most famous fairy tales in the world and has inspired writers around the globe to write various versions of the story. The students of Kreativno Pero, with the support of the school founder Gorica Nedeljković and the actor and director Nikola Ivačkov, prepared a play that made the audience wonder where real and true beauty is.
 ES Kreativno Pero has 200 students at the moment, and around 70 employees. From a small school that had only 20 students in the first year, Kreativno Pero has developed into an institution that builds its reputation through the success of its students. Our students not only achieve remarkable results in competitions and win prizes, do extremely well on Cambridge exams but also get involved in charity work. With each step, Kreativno Pero is becoming a school of the 21st century. The School’s motto remains unchanged – Our students are recognizable by their achievements, good manners and life skills. The aim of creating a play with the children was to instill essential values in each and every child.