Učenica petog razreda osnovne škole „Kreativno pero" Monika Martać je na inspirativan način, na engleskom jeziku, u okviru Cambridge predmeta Global Perspectives, odgovorila na temu What Family Means To Me? i podsetila nas na toplinu doma i značaj porodice.

Rad na temu What Family Means To Me?

To me family is a group of people that love each other, that care about each other, that will always help you, they will have your back, they would do anything for you to be happy and feel like you`re the best person in the world! When it comes to the size of a family ( how many members are in the family) it doesn`t matter because if your family has love than what else would you need more. You should always be grateful (thankful) for your famly because they will always wish you the best. What i think is pretty cool about my family is that i have two brothers one older brother and one younger brother and i am in the middle  and it makes me feel special. My whole family in general is very big and i am very happy and appreciative about it . The thing that i love to do with my family the most is to go on trips because we get to spend time together and we all have a good time. One of my favorite things to do is to dance and i like that my family supports me with it because it really means a lot to me. Sometimes when people ask me how much do i love my family i don`t know how to answer because i really don`t know if there is a word that could describe it because the amount that i love them goes to infinity and over it. I really like to spend time with my family because they make me happy and safe and they give me hugs. At the end of the day whatever happens i wouldn`t trade my family up for anything or anyone because they mean the world to me!    


Monika Martać, učenica V razreda OŠ „Kreativno pero“