Secondary School "Kreativno Pero" - Starting New School Year Celebration
With its traditional gathering of children, parents and staff in its school buildings and backyards in 58 Tolstojeva Street and 3 Cakorska Street, Educational System Kreativno pero wished good luck and success in the school year 2016/17 to its students and their parents. At our  tenth and jubilee gathering , only a glimpse of things awaiting our students and their parents this autumn has been reveiled. All attendees took part in QR code search.  You may be wondering what that is. Search is a game we had organized in order to introduce innovations in the nursery and school and share relevant information with parents and children in an interesting way, through a game and with the help of modern technology. Using school’s tablets and their own mobile devices and following  the instructons from the school faculty, the parents searched for QR codes in the school building and backyard. Each found code provided them with information on educational platforms for teaching improvement which are used in our school, programme innovations, plans to participate in international education conferences, the new way of forwarding information i.e.  Kreativno Pero  newsletter, and other plans  of our school. The gatherning contionued in the pleasent atmosphere of our backyard.