Fifth International Conference of Business Women was  held in Belgrade and Orasac from 8th of October  in 2014 till 11th of October in 2014 in Belgrade and Orasac.

Main organizers were ES Kreativno Pero, Trakya University from Turkey and Alfa University from Belgrade.

Conference participants from Turkey, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia, as well as representatives of the ES Kreativno Pero, on the 8th of October in 2014. have visited the Turkish Embassy where they were welcomed  by Ambassador Mehmet Kemal Bozaj. On the same day, a reception was held at the Belgrade Business School, Alfa University and in the premises of the ES Kreativno Pero.

The conference officially has began on 9th of October in 2014 with opening speech held by Mrs. Kimet Kaliyrut, a Director of the Department for Business Communication at the Thrace University. Turkish Ambassador, Mr. Mehmet Kemal Bozaj and academician Dragomir Karic and founder of ES Kreativno Pero Aleksandra Nedeljkovic welcomed the guests.

The keynote speaker of the conference, a member of the Media Group, Dr. Zoran Maricic exhibited on the subject:  Gender disparities in health.

More than 20 participants of the conference presented their papers on the Importance of Continuous Education on Thursday, 9th of October and on Friday 10th of October in 2014.

Participants have also visited the sights of Belgrade and its surroundings -  they have attended the 51st Oplenac grape harvest in Topola, Avala, Skadarska Street, Museum of Nikola Tesla, Knez Mihailova Street ...