Secondary School Kreativno Pero is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development issuing the decision no. 022-05-00023/2013-03 from 12th of March 2014.

Educational System Kreativno Pero  now consists of Preschool, Primary school and Secondary School.

Our Secondary School will start working with first generation of pupils on September in 2014. 

The Secondary School pupils who pass the final exam in Primary School and pass our admission procedure can be enrolled to the Kreativno Pero Secondary School.

High school Kreativno Pero  wants to expresses a clear commitment to the evaluation of achievement, knowledge and success in different curricular and extra-curricular areas.
The most successful pupils have a possibility to receive a scholarship in High School Kreativno Pero. The selection is done on the basis of the Rules of Scholarships which specifies all conditions that must be met in order to obtain a scholarship.

Elementary school pupils with excellent grades and exemplary behavior, holders of diplomas, awarded at festivals and competitions of the highest rank (national, international, Olympics ...).

Priority is given to those who achieved the highest scores in different areas and met all the criteria for getting a scholarship based on our assessment.

By choosing  Secondry School Kreativno Pero, you choose  the education for the future.