Čardak ni na nebu, ni na zemlji project  represents interdisciplinary thematic approach in kindergarten educational activities. Starting from the famous folk tale  Čardak ni na nebu ni na zemlji, and in cooperation with Stage IV pupils, Bees, Butterflies and Hummingbirds children, teachers, museum guides and many more participants, we explored different aspects  of art, science and life in general. 
Through team work and by using a wide spectrum  of media, we had the chance to reach brand new perspectives and empower ourselves for a journey to the land of fairy tales and play. And so, within one logical unit, both children and adults made words, acted, played with light and shadows, made Story Tower, learned letters with the help of QR codes, learned how people and animals are treated, programmed and explored the unknown in the role of secret agents, learned about the incredible dragons and their real representations in dinosaurs, discovered how gold is made and where metals can be found, what is magnetism... We also made medieval recipes  with the help of algorithms, pears, honey and forest fruits, explored the way our ancestors lived  by visiting Prince Milos's House, discovered Dragon constellation, made medieval constructions, learned new words in English and discovered the world through play and gathered important life experiences.