Saint Sava Kindergaerten Kreativno Pero
Schools in Serbia celebrate St. Sava as their Patron Saint’s day (slava) to honour the first Serbian Archbishop, Enlightener and the founder of Serbian law. In ES Kreativno Pero, the ceremony began with the traditional cutting of Slava cake and the Stage 1 students gave an appropriate performance for their friends, employees and guests. Merrily and enthusiastically, Students from Kreativno Pero opened the ceremony which was filled with togetherness, joy and laughter. Firstly, the students recited poems dedicated to the first Serbian Enlightener. Then boys and girls gave a short performance that everyone enjoyed. At the end of the ceremony, the children sang The St. Sava Hymn. Our student, Una Zarković, played the piano. Together with their teaches, our student reminded us of the importance of St. Sava and his work. Today, on our non-teaching day, The principal, Gordana Kedžić, reminded us of the values essential for Kreativno Pero, and those are trust and truth. In the afternoon, in their regular classrooms, parents and teachers gathered and the students marked the day by reciting, singing, acting and giving an exhibition. In this way, Kreativno Pero celebrated the successful ending of another semester.