Educational System Kreativno Pero Hour of Code
Our school was a part of The Hour of Code project which connects more than a hundred million students around the world.
Computer science is omnipresent, it affects all industries in the world, but less than a half of all schools in the world teaches their students about this. Kreativno Pero ES wants to make sure that our students become not only users, but also leaders who will develop technologies of the future.
Participants in the project were:
Clare Sears, the British Coucnil in Belgrade Direcot is going to participate in the project, along with Denis Starčević, the representative of Hewlett Packard Entertprise, doc. dr. sc. Saša Mladenović, the Head of Informatics department at the University of Mathematical Science in Split, Marin Trošej co-founder of STEMI, Arijana Volmost, Informatics teacher in the primary school Milan Lang in Croatia, Lara Veličić from Krater studio in Belgrade, Dragan Savić, the head of the company Infobip in Belgrade, Vuk Vujović, professor at the Faculty of Organizational Science in Belgrade .
The organizer of this event is the Coordinator of Kindergarten Activities – Sanja Miladinovic. She held six lessons for students from 1st to 3rd grade of primary school. The aforementioned famous speakers and experts in this field connected to the classroom via skype or sent previously recorded videos. After their short lecture, students had the opportunity to try programming themselves, using the programs adapted to their level of knowledge.