Kreativno pero on the CARNet users’ conference CUC 2016
CARNet is a users’ conference CUC 2016. and this is the eighteenth year in a row that it has been organized. This year, the lectures and meetings of educators are organized in Rovinj from 9th to 11th November 2016.
Interactive learning and playful teaching, Open education, Development of digitaly mature schools, Digital culture, Impact of technology on teaching of the future are the topics of this year’s conference.
Educator Sanja Miladinović, biology teacher Irina Damnjanović, mathematics teacher Mladen Begović and pedagogist and coordinator for implementing ICT into teaching Bojan Savić along with one of the founders of educational system Kreativno Pero, Aleksandra Nedeljković are going to represent the way that modern technology is used in our school.