To learn more about our Kindergarten, we invite you to visit us, attend classes and extracurricular activities.

Enrolment into the kindergarten is done in accordance with the Law on Preschool Education and the Law of the Basis of the Educational System. During enrolment, the parent fills out a preschool enrolment form containing basic information about the child and its family.

Upon child’s  arrival to kindergarten, it is necessary to present  a medical certificate that the child is healthy, together with a vaccination card

Kreativno Pero kindergarten is in the system of city subsidized kindergartens. .

The prices for enrolment into the nursery school and additional services

The established price of monthly services for an enrolled child is 400 EUR for the full-day care (08:00 till 17:30) and 350 EUR for a half-day stay (08:30 till 13:30).

The established price of monthly services for each following enrolled child from one family is 360 EUR for the full-day care and 315 EUR for the half-day care, per child.

Half-day stay price

Full-day care price 



Tuition is paid in RSD amounts on the payment day at the middle rate of the National Bank of Serbia.