What does it mean?

Educational projects in which children from kindergartens participated:

The foundations of our kindergarten programme are thematic approach and bilingualism. Topics are selected according to the parents’ and children’s interests. The chosen programme comprises a curriculum based on interest centres, i.e. the implementation of Model A of the Basic Standards of Pre-School Programme, as proposed by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. There are different, age-homogeneous groups in our institution. Another specificity of our institution is that children attending the preparatory preschool programme are at the same time Stage I pupils of the Cambridge programme.

The implementation of an improved educational programme for children aged three to preschool began in 2016. Educational groups of children aged three to five-and-a-half work according to an improved and unique programme. By using lapbooks, uniquely designed notebooks that help teachers monitor the student’s progress and support all aspects of their development, teachers and children address various monthly topics.

The use of theatrical approach and literary analysis started in 2015/2016, initially with the preparatory preschool programme, and then with the children from all kindergarten groups. Free and creative activities take place through various clubs which children choose on their own and through additional programmes. Our kindergarten programme offers diverse activities, so that every child can choose accordingly to his/her needs. For this reason, one additional programme and two clubs are realized every day. Apart from learning about the universe, dinosaurs, human body, geology and sport, children will get the chance to become little programmers and scientists, gain knowledge of scientific research methodology and learn how to use ICT in everyday kindergarten activities.