On January 18th 2007, Kreativno Pero Primary School obtained a written certificate  from the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Serbia on the fulfilment of formal requirements for carrying out primary education, number 022-05-00265/2006-03.  Since the school year 2009/2010, based on the opinion of the Institute for the Improvement of Education, Kreativno Pero Primary School  operates under consent of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Serbia for the implementation of the project of bilingual teaching. On  December 17th 2007, Kreativno Pero  kindergarten received a written certificate from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia on the fulfilment of conditions for carrying out pre-school education, number 022-05-00109/2007-7. In January 2012, Educational System Kreativno Pero became a part of the international system of the Cambridge International Examinations. Secondary School Kreativno Pero was accredited by the decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development no. 022-05-00023/2013-03 from 12th of March 2014.

In 2016 we received permission to continue the implementation of bilingual teaching programme in our primary and secondary school, which was continued in the following year.

Kreativno Pero became certified center for preparing students to take  ECDL exams (European Computer Driving Licence) in 2016. With over 15 million licenced used so far, European Computer Driving Licence is the most widely spread world certificate for the users of personal computers, and our institution encourages students to take these exams.

By the standards of our institution, every employee will complete all courses of professional development within Cambridge International Examinations Centre, and other forms of professional training in Serbia and abroad, in accordance with projected plans of professional development. We nurture individual approach in continuous professional development and lifelong learning and thus further motivate all employees of Kreativno Pero.