It is of extreme importance to dedicate a lot of care in staff selection, primarily because of  sensitivity in children and students of different age groups. Due to the important educational roles of kindergarten, primary and secondary school, and in order to meet all preconditions for realizing educational goals and support all aspects of children and student development, Educational System Kreativno Pero has developed a specific staff selection procedure.

Kreativno pero supports professional development of its staff in all fields - our employees are the authors of various projects in education, they lead various approved programs of professional development, actively participate in various conferences and professional meetings, and they publish papers and books.

Professional development of our staff is apart of  our efforts to, being a learning organisation, make our mission and vision come true. Accordingly, professional development is from the start directed towards the set developmental goal of this institution and we continuously support it. It is based on self-evaluation in different areas, planning professional development, participating in various forms of professional training, applying what has been learned and monitoring the effects.